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Foundation of Health
Within Chinese medicine open free breathing, good digestion and restful sleep are considered the cornerstone of maintaining good health and vitality. If any of these important functions become weakened then it can affect the bodies ability to deal with stress and fighting off illness. The Chinese belief that working with therapies, exercises or practices that reinforce sleep, digestion and breathing can promote the bodies natural regeneration.

Breath - is so fundamental to life, it is easily overlooked. Restrictions to the way we breath can be caused by bad posture, acute and chronic disease, stress and unexpressed emotions. To find out more about the breath click here. There are numerous ways to work on improving the breath. Qi Gong and meditation are both renowned for their work expanding the capacity for the breath though relaxation and self awareness.

Digestion - is the amazing process of transforming the food and drink we consume into energy and the building blocks of our body. We literally are what we eat, so if our digestive process is not functioning properly then we have less ability to heal trauma to the body. The two important components in Chinese Medical theory are diet and digestion. For tips about the best way to improve your digestion click here.
If you know your chinese medicine diagnosis you can look up what foods are good for you and what foods you might want to reduce our cut out here.

- Having restful sleep where you wake up feeling refreshed and energised is a sign that this area of your life is functioning well. If you have insomnia, vivid dreams that leave you tired and disorientated, frequent urination at night, night sweats or a busy mind that cannot switch off then this should be looked at and treated to prevent long term taxation on your body.

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