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The aim of any training or personal development is to achieve lasting and sustainable change. At the heart of achieving this change is first understand your own habits and patterns and second is simply making different choices. Some choices are about acceptance of ourselves instead of fighting, others are about applying discipline to go down different paths.

There are thousands of different techniques and styles of development in the world today. Ranging from Zen Buddhism to bodybuilding. In deciding to change aspects of our life it is helpful to have a regular practice that we can use to aid change. It is also useful to use several techniques to cover multiple areas of development.

Usually areas of development have been divided into "Mind, Body, Spirit" etc. Believing that just meditation would help our physical fitness directly is not so useful. If you are looking to become fitter you would be better advised to chose weight training, yoga, or aerobic exercise. However meditation will help your ability to relax and connect to your body.

Below are five categories with some suggested practices you might find useful. If you want to maximise your chance of success, then it is recommended that you pick one from each category.

Be very discriminating. As there are thousands of things you can do, don't force yourself to do a practice you find difficult or unstimulating, especially when you first start out. If you find yourself not doing something, pick another.

Physical Development - Diet, Breath Work, Aerobics, Yoga, Tai Qi Chuan, Qi Gong, Walking etc, Tui Na Massage,

Mental Development - Self Reflection, Journaling, Learning and Study, Professional Training, Counseling, psychotherapy

Shadow Development - Artistic Expression of Emotions i.e. Drawing or painting, Physical Expression of Emotions i.e. Dancing or Singing, Role-playing,Working With Dreams, Gestalt therapy

Spiritual Development - Religious Practice i.e. christian contemplation or buddhist meditation, Devotional Practice, Witness cultivation, Transcendental Meditation

Communal Development - Volunteering, Community Service, Charity Work, Environmental Work, Political Activism, Right Livelihood

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