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What happens during the first treatment?
The initial treatment will last up to ninety minutes with the first half hour a consultation. You will be asked about what you want treated and general questions about your health. You will then have your pulse taken and your tongue examined. We will then discuss a treatment plan and talk about your options. The treatment will then last for the remainder of the time, and consist of Acupuncture, Tui Na, Reflexology or a combination of them.

How much does it cost?
I charge £50 per hour, however the first treatment consists of a free thirty minute consultation and so is charged at £50. Ninety minute and two hour sessions are available at the hourly rate.

How many treatments will I need?
This varies between patients. Certainly a course of treatment is required, one off miracle cures are unusual. Some changes either in yourself generally, or in your condition directly should be noticed after 4 - 6 treatments.

What is your cancellation policy?
I require 24 hours notice about cancellation otherwise you may be charged for your missed session.

What should I do before treatment?
Try not to have a big meal within an hour of your appointment as the process of digestion will alter the pattern of your pulse. Also avoid alcohol and food or drinks which colour your tongue (such as coffee) immediately prior to treatment. It would also be good if you could wear loose baggy clothing.

How will I feel after treatment?
Usually rather relaxed and calm. Occasionally you may feel tired or drowsy for a few hours if the treatment has been particularly strong or there may be a short term flair up of your symptoms as your Qi clears and resettles itself. Sometimes you may feel emotions come up, this is also normal and not a cause for concern, they should resolve themselves within a day.

Should I tell my doctor?
If you are receiving treatment from your doctor then it makes sense to tell him or her about your plans to have Chinese medicine. The treatment may enable you to reduce or even stop taking some forms of medication, but your doctor should be consulted regarding any change of prescription. You should always tell your practitioner about any medication you are taking as this may affect your response to the treatment.

Should I stop my prescribed medication?
Many people seek the help of an Chinese medicine because of dissatisfaction with drug treatment - because it does not seem to be working or because the side effects are unacceptable. However, do NOT stop taking prescribed medication without consulting your doctor or the person prescribing your medication.


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